Watch The Roots Perform “The Evolution of Greatness”

Last night’s NBA All-Star game had some pretty exciting moments. The first happened at the beginning of the game when The Roots performed their musical rendition of the history of the NBA. They scripted a dope musical, The Evolution of Greatness, and performed it live before the NBA All-Star game kicked off. The live-music rendition of the musical was delivered in true Roots fashion.

The Roots tapped Daveed Diggs from the famed Broadway show Hamilton to lead the way. Michael B. Jordan, Jidenna, DMC, and DJ Jazzy Jeff also brought their A-game to deliver the storyline of the seven minute performance. They touched on all the high points of the NBA including the time of the short-short game pants. The one thing they didn’t do was call out any of the “greatest” players of all time. While numbers don’t lie, citing who’s the best is still a very personal opinion. Press play on the clip above to check out the performance. Hopefully, this will evolve into a full-length Broadway situation like Hamilton…or maybe not.

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