Keep it Tight | Teyana Taylor Launches Fade2Fit Workout Program

Looking good and feeling great are one of the keys to a happy life. Focusing on healthy eating and keeping the body tight is something that people are making more of an effort to do. There are plenty of gym workouts and programs available to make that happen. Teyana Taylor raised the bar when she showed off her incredible body in Kanye West’s “Fade” video. After it aired, people were trying to figure out how she got her body to look like that, especially after giving birth to her baby girl Junie. Instead of keeping it a secret, she decided to put together Fade2Fit, a workout video that incorporates dance moves into the workout. This allows people to eat fit and get the body they want.

The Fade2Fit workout program lets users customize their workout plan. The program includes a Meal Plan, 90-Day course, content control by Teyana Taylor herself, and the ability to watch and workout anywhere. The workout video and plan can be customized to fit your workout needs. The end result, being the body you want. Click here to sign up to get it in with Teyana Taylor’s Fade2Fit.

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