Cool Tricks | Order A Pizza Hut Pie With Your Kicks

When it comes to promo and marketing ideas, creativity always wins. Pizza Hut has a knack for coming up with some very interesting ideas to get their customers to eat their pies. March Madness is on deck and college basketball games will be on heavy rotation. Pizza is a popular meal while watching sports games and of course, Pizza Hut is on their marketing A-Game. They’ve launched a pair of sneakers that allow purchasers to order a $7.99 pie with a simple touch of the sneaker tongue.

You heard right! Pizza Hut designed “Pie Tops”, a pair of sneakers that use Bluetooth technology so that people can automatically order a large pie with two toppings. Every time they press the red button on the tongue, Pizza Hut will automatically bring the pie as per the order. The shoes sync with the user’s cell phone for location and payment services, making it easy to get a pizza wherever they may be.

There are a few things though…Do these need to be charged? What if a pie gets accidentally ordered? Performance specs? What happens when the promo is over?

Pizza Hut is making a very limited number of pairs for now. Only 64 pairs are available, one for each of the NCAA teams in the March madness competition. NBA star Grant Hill already has his pair and he shows off them off in the video above.

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