They Knew! The Top 5 Simpsons Episode Predictions

The Simpsons have been on the air for over 20 years. They got their start in between skits on the Tracey Ullman Show and have earned a permanent spot in pop culture. Matt Groening and his team of writers seemed to have been in tuned with the world and all that was happening. Their episodes would play on everything from current events to what’s cool and even give a glimpse into what could happen in the future. From football games to Presidential election outcomes, the Simpsons knew it was in the cards. Oddly enough, some of their predictions on future happenings were amazingly accurate.

There are marathons and steady streams of Simpsons episodes on at all times. If you’re lucky, you’ve caught some of their predictions as they’ve aired and made the connection. If not, we’ve fished out our Top 5 favorite Simpsons predictions and how they actually relate to modern times.

The moment when Autocorrect won’t let you be great…It happened to Lisa Simpson back in an episode that aired in 1994.

FaceTime and Phone watches were a thing. We saw Lisa FaceTiming back in an episode that aired in 1995.

Remember when electronic voting machines were bugging out? It happened to Homer Simpson in an episode that aired in 2008.

The Simpsons knew that Donald Trump would be President.

Super Bowl 51 Halftime show…we saw something similar in an episode that aired back in 2012.

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