Common Raises Awareness With ‘See America’ | Video

In the midst of a huge ObamaCare overhaul, people are prioritizing their health. With the threat of millions of Americans being without medical coverage, keeping one’s health in check is important. Rapper, activist, and actor Common is helping to raise health awareness. He released a spoken word video titled ‘See America’, to emphasize the importance of healthy vision.

Most people don’t worry about their vision until they can’t see. Maintaining healthy vision and other things over the course of your life can help prevent the progression of blindness. Eye health is a priority and keeping tabs on it is important. There are a myriad of preventable vision diseases and staying on top of your eye sight is key. Clean eating and exercising are not the only ways to stay healthy. Hopefully this video will raise awareness to eye health and get people to change their annual routine. Sight is important and most people don’t realize its importance until it’s too late. Press play on the clip above and keep up with Common here.

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