Reality Bites | ‘Love Jones’ Is The Visual Definition Of “It’s Complicated”

It’s hard to believe that Love Jones hit the big screen 20 years ago. To date, it happens to be one of the most talked about movies referencing Black Love and situationships. Not only was the movie spot on when it comes to relationships (even nowadays), but the soundtrack was on point. Maxwell, Lauryn Hill, Dionne Farris, and even Duke Ellington were arranged perfectly to deliver the messages sprinkled throughout this film.

Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosley are the visual definition of “It’s Complicated”. Most of us have experienced the kind of relationship they had from the sex on the first date to the attempt to label their situationship to the presence of the EX which influences the present. We’ve all been there. Watching it play out is a life lesson on screen. Despite watching it happen, we still dive into these relationship situations like we don’t know any better.

The cast of friends plays an important part in this movie. The jealous friend, the married couple, the female homie to the fellas, and the truthful best friend are an important part of how these relationships play out. We always look to our friends for advice and their opinions matter greatly. Whether we think it’s right or wrong advice, we strongly consider it.

Darius and Nina knew what they were feeling but reluctant to label it. Nina’s ex was still a factor and her decision to seek closure was a deal breaker for her and Darius. At that moment…pride, ego, and lack of communication put things into perspective for both of them. Her decision to tell him is a hot debate topic between people and always causes conversation. The way they handled their “-ship” thereafter almost caused an irreparable rift.

“It’s Complicated” wasn’t a thing back then but if it needed a definition, Darius and Nina were it. They were on and off, hot and cold…all while knowing they wanted each other. Relationship games aren’t new, they just take a different approach as time changes. Oddly enough, this movie is 20 years old but there are plenty of Darius & Nina’s running around.

This ‘Black Love’ story should be on everyone’s “must-see” list. Aside from a solid soundtrack, the life lessons and stories are realer than real. It’s not streaming on Netflix right now but you can catch it here.

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