Reality Bites: Smartphones…Are Your Recording This?

Smartphones have become a necessity for some people. Folks eat, sleep, and breathe with their phones in hand. If they leave it at home or lose it, they are out of sorts and feel lost. Using smartphones to record things as they happen is becoming more and more popular. Some people go the extra mile to make sure they “do it for the Gram”. In some instances, they do catch some amazing footage. People go above, beyond, and sometimes too far to “get it on video”. While it’s great to have dope visuals, when is it too much?

Winter Storm Stella dumped a bunch of snow on the Northeast and people were capturing their storm images and videos. People often track storms, especially hurricanes, which are extremely dangerous because they can shift at any time. One interesting video emerged of people standing on a snow-filled train station, tracks included. The people on the track saw the train coming and there were two different reactions. Some people maneuvered to get out of the way while others, took out their phones to record. As the train pulled in, those that chose to record got pummeled with a wall of snow. Some people were knocked clear off the platform as they stood there recording. Not sure if any injuries were reported but, why stand there and risk it for some video?

Violence and Police brutality has been happening since forever. With smartphones and live feeds, it is being brought to light. People are risking their lives and safety trying to get it on camera. While one would think that catching the situation on video would help, it happens to have an adverse effect. It exposes the flawed system…a system so flawed that people fight to keep that quiet. With that comes rioting, more arrests, and possibly more killings.

Fires, stabbings, shootings, and other crimes have been caught on camera as well. Sometimes, an entire crime will be caught on someone’s smartphone. Then the video is released to the news. People are killing themselves on social media using their smartphones. A woman was run over by an ambulance and the whole incident was caught on camera. The families don’t want to see that! Discretion is key in these kinds of situations. Where is the desire to help? Standing there to record what’s happening is more important than trying to preventing it?

Being the first to report something fuels that attitude as well. Mt. Etna is a giant volcano that has been erupting recently. A tour group went up and it happened to start erupting. As the hot rocks and steam started spewing upwards, people were recording. First inclination before smartphones would probably be… RUN! But with a camera and smartphone in hand, first instinct is to try and record it as it’s happening. Nevermind being hit in the head with a hot rock or blasted with steam. Getting that video and making sure it to goes viral is a must.

Let’s hope that people use better judgement when taking their phones out to record. If a crime is happening, use your phone to call for help. If there is an immediate danger, standing there to record might not be the best idea. When you go to a live show, vibe out! Standing there to record it only lessens the moment. Storms and other natural weather occurrences are spectacular to see but dangerous to record. While technology continues to make life easier, let’s not let it become the focus of our actions.

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