R4L’s Top 5 ‘First Day of Spring’ Things To Do

Even though there are still piles of snow on the ground and slush puddles on the corner, today is the First Day of Spring! Winter wasn’t as bad as it could have been but most of us are tired of the cold. The first day of Spring means Summer is around the corner and we can put the heavy outerwear away. People are getting their summer bodies ready and doing all kinds of cool things to welcome Spring. Whether its switching up the wardrobe or trying to balance an egg, we’ve got 5 cool things to do to celebrate the First Day of Spring.

Take A Walk
Outdoor activities should be on everybody’s agenda. If you are in the office today, a lunchtime stroll should be in order. A walk outside is the perfect way to start the Spring season. 

Plant a Garden
Gardening has become a very trendy and cool activity. People living in big cities are even getting into the action and planting their own little gardens. Growing veggies on rooftops is the thing to do and today is the perfect day to get your garden on. Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are just a few of the veggies perfect to plant this time of year. 

Balance an Egg
Two words…Vernal Equinox. Word on the street is that eggs and broomsticks can be balanced on their ends on this day. This has to happen during the time of the actual Equinox. There is a whole theory behind the earth, balance, and hours of sunlight. If you have a moment, try and see if it works and let us know what happens. 

Wardrobe Rotation
Keeping a seasonally appropriate wardrobe is key. Since it is officially Spring, the Winter clothes need to be rotated out into storage and the Spring clothes need to be rotated into the closet. Since Mother Nature is still feeling some kind of way, you might want to keep a couple of winter pieces around just in case. 

Spring Cleaning
Doing a little cleaning and organization never hurt anybody. Today is the perfect day to get your workspace and/or living space in order. Throwing out all of the remnants of winter will help the transition into spring. Put a pretty bouquet of flowers on your desk or dining room table to celebrate the occasion.  

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