You Can Feast on The Upper West Side at The Fat Monk | NYC

Dining out in New York City is always an adventure. The choices for dining are endless so picking the right place for a delicious meal takes time. The Upper West Side is home to a bevy of eat spots but The Fat Monk is one to watch. This hidden gem on Columbus Avenue delivers a solid collection of cocktails and dishes that create a unique dining experience. On sight, it looks like a tiny bar but the path to downstairs leads to a great dining area with nothing but cool vibes.

Chef Rob McCue does his thing in the kitchen! He’s cooked with some of the best and knows exactly what to do in there. From the delicious ‘Small Dishes’ to the ‘Butcher Cuts’, each food option is carefully prepared and presented with care. The Braised Short Rib melts in your mouth and the Schweinhaxe (pork shank) is presented beautifully and prepared with all the right flavors. If meat is not your thing, the Fish & Chips or the Dungeness Crab Tater Tots will certainly make your mouth happy. The Small Plates part of the menu allows guests to have a variety of delicious dishes. This amazing Gastropub has something for everyone’s palate and definitely won’t disappoint.

Don’t take out word for it though…check out the gallery above to see what they’ve got going on. Be sure to stop in to The Fat Monk on Columbus Avenue between 106th and 107th streets. Thank us later.

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