Google Opens ‘Howard West’ To Help Diversify The Tech Industry

Diversity is something that is hard to achieve for a lot of industries and companies. Whether its a lack of resources or the inability to get that resume in rotation, the lack of diversity is being pointed out. It’s no secret that technology is a diversity-challenged area. It’s been that way for quite some time.  Some companies are trying to address these issues. One of these companies is Internet big dawg Google. Google teamed up with Howard University to create Howard West.

Howard West is a new campus located on the GooglePlex facility in Mountain View, California. This educational partnership with HBCU Howard University is looking to increase the number of Black Engineers and Computer Science graduates. This will help increase the diversity in the Tech Industry and put more African Americans in position to thrive in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Wayne Frederick, President of Howard University, expressed his hopes and aspirations for this new program:

“Howard West will produce hundreds of industry-ready Black computer science graduates, future leaders with the power to transform the global technology space into a stronger, more accurate reflection of the world around us. We envisioned this program with bold outcomes in mind — to advance a strategy that leverages Howard’s high quality faculty and Google’s expertise, while also rallying the tech industry and other thought leaders around the importance of diversity in business and the communities they serve.”

This should be a very good look for the tech industry down the line. For more information about the program, visit here.

Photo Credit: Engadget
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