Queens Get The Wi-Fi! LinkNYC Kiosks Are Coming To Your Borough

The Internet is pretty much a necessity. The ability to work remotely from just about anywhere is a major key to life right now. Some people depend on Free Wi-Fi to pay their bills and New York City just gave the people more access. LinkNYC just announced that Free Public Wi-Fi is coming to Queens. That’s right folks, you can plug in, charge up, and run these internet streets in Queens and Manhattan for free!

The LinkNYC Kiosks will start popping up in parts of Long Island City and Astoria. So far, there are 11 Kiosks on Jackson Avenue between Vernon Boulevard and 44th Drive. In addition to those, a few others will be added along 21st and 49th streets. These kiosks come in handy as they can be used to charge all mobile devices and tablets, make free phone calls, and access city maps to get to and from points in New York City. These kiosks are a huge help when your bars are low and that 1% warning kicks in. Check here to see where else power kiosks are available.

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