“Humble” Is Always A Plus…Just Ask Kendrick

Not for nothing, there is something about the word “Humble” that always raises an eyebrow. If a person is telling you they’re humble, they probably aren’t, but want you to believe that they are. If someone is “humble” you’d just know it. Kendrick is definitely on the “Humble” tip and he never had to tell anyone about it. He’s coming back with a new album next month. He put everybody on notice when he dropped the first single, “The Heart Part 4”. Once that dropped, he set the tone for what was to follow. Next up, was the visual for “Humble” and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Last night, the visual for “Humble” was all over the place. In less than 24 hours it racked over 4 million views. It was the talk of social media and it still is. The messages on this track are plentiful. The imagery and symbolism in this visual could be analyzed for days.

Let’s start with Kendrick’s salute to women and their natural beauty, stretch marks and all. There’s something about “keeping it real” that got lost in translation thanks to social media. Kendrick pointed that out clearly in this video. The booty with the stretch marks in this video looks more like the booty that most women can relate to. Photoshop was also a target as people use it on a daily to whiten their teeth, tuck their waist, and lighten their skin. He also made reference to all of the things that people tend to embellish on, circling back to The Heart part IV where he called out some fellow rappers for a variety of reasons.

The piano on this track will have your head nodding for days after you hear it. And the chorus well…it speaks for itself. “Be humble. Sit down.” Press play to check out the visual above and sit tight…the album is coming.

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