Divorce. Kanye. Faith Evans. | Mary J. Blige Chops It Up With Funkmaster Flex

When it comes to singing about life and its ups & downs, Mary J. Blige will put things in perspective. She’s been in the game for years and has a song for every single emotion in life. Whether you are happily in love or going through a crappy break-up, there is a Mary track to get you though it. News recently broke that she and her husband Kendu are getting a divorce, due to a myriad of issues. She sat down with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex to chop it up about everything from her divorce to collaborating with Kanye West.

Mary is a strong woman and her persistence and resilience are admirable. She’s been through a lot and she always finds a way to rise above and keep it moving. Mary hit the studio to put some of her emotions to work and cranked out her next album, The Strength of a Woman. Needless to say, when life hands you lemons, you hit the studio and make music. The first track, Love Yourself feat. Kanye West, dropped last week. Press play on the clip above to hear her full length interview with Funkmaster Flex. Strength of a Woman is set to drop on 4/28 but is available for Pre-order here.

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