Flicks and Flows! Your Favorite Lyrics Are Coming To A Coffee Table Near You

Not for nothing, music and photography go hand and hand. A lot of photos are inspired by the lyrics to a song and vice versa. There are some lyrics that just jump out and smack your face the first time you hear them. People like Jay Z, Fab, and Pimp C are notorious for dropping songs with solid bars that pop. Two guys by the name of Richard and Andrew found a way to bring the lyrics in those kinds of bars to life. Their project, Flicks and Flows, is currently on Kickstarter and it combines their love of music and photography together in one place.

“I mean you need to hear this, love is not just a verb It’s you looking in the mirror…” – Kendrick Lamar | Poetic Justice

Flicks and Flows is a compilation of photos and lyrics arranged and presented as a coffee table book. Coffee table books are an intellectual accessory. All the cool people have these book in their home and work space. For some, coffee table books are as good as a first impression. Folks will judge you by the books on your coffee table. Wack books, wack company.

The lyrics chosen in the book depend on a few things. Richard and Andrew are going to handpick worthy lyrics from the archives. Only the most deserving lyrics will be featured. Aside from that, project backers who support with $100 or more have a chance to have their favorite lyric featured in the book. Those who pledge $250 or more get their lyrics and photoshoot featured in the book as well as a hard copy for their table.

Seeing Flicks and Flows on a table or side desk reeks of coolness. If you want to help make this book happen, click here to find out how. Which lyrics do you think should be featured?

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