Get Up On ‘The Get Down’ Part 2 on Netflix

Netflix is on a roll with their selection of original movies and shows. Aside from streaming a steady flow of great movies, their original creations rarely disappoint. Last summer, they dropped The Get Down. The Get Down takes a look at how Hip Hop and music allegedly became popular via the Bronx. While many people were fact checking some of the details in the storyline, the first part of the series tells an interesting story.

Netflix continued the series with a five-episode Part 2 drop which is now streaming. The second half of Season 1 highlights a different aspect of the story. Every rise to fame and power eventually falls. These next five episodes tell that part of the story. The story may not accurately tell what happened but it’s close enough to deliver the message. This is not a documentary, but a series show so it’s loosely based on the facts.

Shout out to the Bronx for its influence on music, Hip Hop, and dance. Keeping the story of Zeke and Mylene alive is key, right down to the music and the performances. The music is still a stand-out feature to this Netflix Original series and the animated breaks in between give it personality. The way the story is set up, Baz Luhrmann could potentially deliver a Season 2. If you haven’t caught up with the Get Down, check the trailer above and hit Netflix now to stream Part 2.

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