Pack Your Bags And GO! Travel Deals Just Got Easier With DealRay App

For some people, traveling is a way of life. Packing up and leaving on a jet plane is the perfect solution to just about anything. Whether it’s vacation or an elaborate plan to see the world in 80 days, people are traveling more than ever. With groups like the Nomadness Travel Tribe, there’s no reason not to be seeing the world. Sometimes airfare is an issue as flight prices are sky-high. Finding a cheap flight can be tough but like everything else in the world, there’s an app for that. DealRay is here to help get the flight you want at the price you need.

DealRay lets perspective travelers in on airfare deals that are not announced to the public. Subscribing to the DealRay App will get users a heads up on airfare that is about 70% off the the original price. The app sends alerts to users when there’s a travel deal. The site boasts past deals on trips to the Bahamas, New York, Iceland, and Johannesburg. Your travel game could increase greatly with the use of this app and your pockets would appreciate you for it. Visit here to get more info and find out how to download the app.

Photo Credit: DealRay

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