Greek Life On Campus Takes Center Stage In ‘Burning Sands’

Greek life is a huge part of the college experience. Not only at historically Black colleges and universities but at institutions worldwide. Black Greek organizations have been around for many years. Some students have their organization in mind before they even get to school. Others are heavily influenced to keep the tradition alive from their parents and grandparents. Pledging is a pretty big deal and Gerard McMurray decided to let people know why. His Netflix original movie ‘Burning Sands‘ is an in-depth look at Black Greek organizations and what makes them tick.

The choice to join a sorority or fraternity isn’t for everybody. McMurray is a member of the Omega Phi Psi Fraternity so he knows the experience firsthand. The Divine 9 (formerly known as The Big Eight) is a thriving subculture on college campuses. The exclusivity of the process and the lifestyle has always been a priority. The friendship, loyalty, and support is something that can only be experienced through membership. Whether it’s at a historically Black institution or a college in New York City, there is a thriving presence of Black Greek Life and it’s always lit!

Although sorority and fraternity membership has many rewards, there is also a lot of negative stigma attached. Spike Lee attempted to “shed light” many years ago with the movie ’School Daze’, which addressed a variety of stigmas and stereotypes amongst sororities and fraternities. McMurray goes above and beyond to showcase the value of being part of Greek life, the process, the hazing, and the HBCU experience.

Press play on the trailer above and hit Netflix to see the movie in its entirety.

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