EGGSLUT | The Only BAE We Stand In Line For

The word BAE has become a public nuisance for some. People in relationships worldwide have been referring to their significant other as “BAE”. While it seems cute or whatever…the only BAE we acknowledge is the EGGSLUT breakfast sandwich. This West Coast food-chain breakfast situation is epic on all levels. Thanks to Chef Alvin Cailan, now we can enjoy it in the Big Apple with a twist. That’s right, the EGGSLUT breakfast sandwich is now available at Chef’s Club Counter on the corner of Spring and Lafayette.

EGGSLUT has a menu full of delicious dishes and sandwiches. The three EGGSLUT creations featured on the Chef’s Club Counter  menu came straight from Chef Cailan’s kitchen. The BAE is tweaked out with salmon (no bacon) and fromage blanc, the Slut is poached egg over potatoes puree served with baguette slices, and the Fairfax is an egg sandwich with carmelized onions. The locations on the West Coast are constantly packed and have lines around the block. Chef Cailan gifted his recipes to New York where resident Chef’s Club Counter cooks will keep his recipes alive. The lines are crazy sometimes but for surely, this slut is worth the wait.

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