Part 2? Are We Ready For A ‘Coming To America’ Sequel?

‘Coming to America’ is a comedic classic that nobody can deny. Every one has seen it and it’s probably on every list of Top 5 Movies around. People have been pondering a sequel to the epic comedy for years. The rumors have been spreading for a while now and word on the street is that it just might happen.

It seems that Paramount pictures recruited the talents of original ‘Coming to America’ writers Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield to possibly script the sequel. It’s too early to tell if Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall would join the project. Most of the actors that starred in the movie look great so a re-cast would be clutch. It’s almost safe to say that a sequel wouldn’t be able to work without them.

While there are no casting ideas in place or even a storyline to talk about, it will be hard to tell if a sequel to ‘Coming to America’ could even work. The movie ended up with Prince Akeem riding off into his African village with his McDowell’s Queen. Would they have children? Where’s Darryl? What happened to Patrice? Did Semmi ever get his shine? Are those chicks still throwing rose petals? While most people do NOT want to have to deal with a bad sequel, this could potentially be a good thing.  We look forward to the possibility and will be keeping a close eye on this.

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