Keep Your Head To The Sky! Miles Brown and His Dad Do The #OptimisticChallenge

Waking up on a Monday morning is rough sometimes. Between the horrid stories on the news and trying to get back into work mode after the weekend, Mondays can be a total drag. Miles Brown who plays Jack Johnson on the ABC hit “Blackish” just gave us all a reason to smile. He and his father Jack put together a video for the #OptimisticChallenge that will for surely brighten your day.

Miles and his dad cranked up the 1991 classic song “Optimistic” by Sounds of Blackness. The two of them got it in one time. Miles is a multi-talent so aside from acting, he can dance. Their old school choreography and new school attitude is everything you need to smile and get motivated. From the “Kid-n-Play” footwork to the modern day moves, they covered all their bases in 50 seconds.

“Optimistic” has been a motivational song for years. No matter how you’re feeling, this track has the power to lift your spirit and literally give you an optimistic nudge. Watching a father and son duo interact like this is everything. A lot of these father/son relationships aren’t happening as they should so it is important to shed light on them as we see them. His TV Mom Tracee Ellis Ross re-posted the video and it spread like wildfire. In this day and age where viral videos aren’t always a good thing, this is one that should break records.

Press play on the Instagram post below to watch them work. Share this video with someone who might need to smile and help brighten up their day.

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