Reality Bites | Adulting 101: These 5 Classes Can Help You Get Your Life

We all know that adulting isn’t easy. It seems that the older we get, the more difficult life becomes. Our parents tried to tell us all about this crap early on but we were anxious to become adults. Responsibility, accountability, and every other -ility is constantly breathing down our necks. Some days we think we’ve got it all together and other days, it feels like life is coming at us way too fast.

There aren’t any tricks to adulting. It’s basically a do or die situation. Period. And while there are no easy ways to get through it, there are some ways you can get help. These 5 classes might be the key to snatching your life and getting it in order. Whether it’s a cooking class to alleviate the take out costs or a sewing class to keep your gear in tact, they can help you get your adulting in check.

CUNY City Tech is offering classes to help take care of your House and Home. Their House and Home Class is the perfect way to learn how to to little things around the house to keep repair costs down. With this class, things like patching a hole in the wall, switching a light fixture, and getting the toilet unclogged can be done for self. While we don’t recommend taking on jobs that you cannot complete, this class will help you with the basics.

If buying a $7 cup of coffee every day is a thing, Joe Coffee’s Home-Brewing Methods class might be something for you. This class teaches students how to brew their own coffee. Not just any coffee, but high-end French press, Aeropress, and Chemex techniques are taught so that you can brew yourself a quality cup of coffee. Learning how to do this can cut your coffee expenses down tremendously and you can re-up at will.

Learn how to keep your clothes in tact with this handy Hem and Button Workshop at M Avery Designs. Altering and repairing clothes becomes expensive. Imagine being able to take care of some nip, tucks, and repairs yourself! This class is super helpful as it teaches some sewing basics. It can add longevity to your favorite garments and some dollars to your pockets.

If cooking isn’t your thing the Culinary Boot Camp at Home Cooking New York is the perfect class for you. This class is designed so that anyone can take it and actually learn how to finesse in the kitchen. The four-week cooking course covers everything from how to season food to making sauce to baking. This is a great way to pick up the basic skills needed to make dinner a couple of times a week.

Food shopping can be a daunting task sometimes. Couponing and knowing what to stock up on is tricky but the Brooklyn Kitchen hopes to help it make sense. They offer a Meal Planning 101 class that helps with showing students what to buy and why. It will help explain the science behind things like food shopping, making lists, and even following recipes.

While it may seem trivial, these classes can help lay the foundation for some kick ass adulting. These basic life skills can help handle a myriad of problems that can make life difficult on a daily. If adulting is giving you a headache, consider educating yourself so that you can get ahead. Good luck and God Speed.

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