Diddy Did That! Cant’ Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story Debuts at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival took over New York City last week. There were all kinds of special films and debuts happening all over the city. Sean “Diddy” Combs aka P.Diddy aka Puffy premiered his story, Can’t Stop,Wont Stop: A Bad Boy Story at the Beacon Theater last week and it was definitely the place to be. The premiere included the film debut and a live reunion performance of the Bad Boy family. It was like a historic walk through Bad Boy Records and we were all in the feels with the memories.

First and foremost, Diddy put on for his city. He pulled out all the stops to make this an epic premiere. The film was with precision by a top notch crew and the story was told, just like it unfolded. For some of us who lived through the Bad Boy era, we remember certain events and happenings as they happened. The visual was produced by Diddy and Heather Parry along with executive producers Michael Rapino, Andre Harrell, and Alex Avant. The film goes back to the Bad Boy beginning in 1993 and goes up until the epic Bad Boy reunion that happened last year.

The film premiere wrapped with an epic Bad Boy concert that had the Beacon Theater rockin’. Everybody from Lil Kim to Mase touched the stage. If you didn’t catch the visual at Tribeca Film Festival, you can see it when it debuts exclusively on Apple Music on June 25.

Family!! #CantStopWontStop

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