Words of Wisdom…R4L’s Top 5 Commencement Speeches For 2017

May and June are very important months for students. Graduations start rolling out at the beginning of May and continue on right through June. Colleges, High Schools, Middle Schools, and even Elementary schools are getting ready to honor their graduates. There are proms and award ceremonies scheduled but nothing is more important than the actual graduation ceremony. Part of the ceremony involves a guest speaker, especially at the college level. Colleges go through great lengths to choose the perfect commencement speaker for their ceremony and it’s usually someone famous. Sometimes it’s an alum of the school and other times it is someone who has made an impact on society.

It’s always interesting to see who they choose and what they say. So far, we’ve seen some pretty interesting choices for speeches. This year, there was the Betsey DeVos debacle, Will Farrel’s congratulatory serenade, and Pharrell dropped gems for NYU’s graduating class. The speeches are meant to motivate the graduating class to keep working at their dreams and goals. There will be plenty more awesome speeches made, no doubt…but below are some of our favorites so far.

Will Farrell went to USC to drop knowledge and sing Whitney Houston songs to the graduating class. Press play to listen. Check for the song at 24:04.

“Life Is About Significance” and other gems from Senator Cory Booker. Watch his inspiring  2017 commencement speech at the University of Penn below.

Oprah is no stranger to inspiring others. Press play to hear Oprah offer the Class of 2017 some secrets to her success and some inspiring motivation from Maya Angelou.

 “Your legacy is every life you’ve touched.” -Maya Angelou

Pharrell was excited to be a part of NYU graduation ceremony. He is a talented and educated young man and happily…”Forever a Student”. Check out his speech below.

The below speech is extremely inspiring. It’s not about the speaker’s words but the audience’s actions. Betsy DeVos headed to Bethune-Cookman University and the students definitely let her know how they felt.

Photo Credit Instagram: @HashtagNYU

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