Take A Trip To Mister Dips in BK

Finding a good grub spot is always a beautiful thing. Putting together a list of at least ten go-to food spots in New York City is a must. There should be a variety of places on the list ranging from Michelin Star level restaurants to greasy spoon local spots. A definite must-have on said list is Mister Dips Food Truck. This Food Truck is the ultimate pit stop in Brooklyn that will satisfy all your food needs.

This super-fly 1970’s Airstream Trailer is posted up in front of the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn. The chefs holding it down have pretty impressive resumes. Andrew Carmellini and Jason Casey know their craft and deliver everything from Burgers and waffle fries to ice cream dips and veggie items. The trailer is surrounded by plenty of green grass and patio tables which give this the perfect vibe for outdoor eating. Since summer just started, this spot should be on the top of your food to-do list. Visiting the Williamsburg waterfront isn’t complete without a trip to Mister Dips. Check them out on Instagram (@eatmisterdips) for a better look at what you’re about to get in to.

Photos: Instagram
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