Social Media Matters: Harvard Snatches Acceptances Over Memes

It’s hard to explain to young people that Social Media can adversely affect your life with each use. Young kids (and some adults, too) thinks it’s all fun and games on these social media platforms. It’s funny until what was posted comes back to bite them on the booty. It seems that Harvard decided to snatch some admissions from a group of “Harvard Acceptees” who showed out on social media. It seems that they posted some inappropriate content in a chat room and Harvard was not with it.

According to The Crimson, Harvard snatched the “Admitted” status of almost a dozen young people who were supposed to be headed there for school in the fall. It seems that a secret Facebook group revealed that the students were posting some very inappropriate content. The content consisted of some “memes” that ridiculed everything from the Holocaust to Mexican children.

It seems that future students formed a group strictly for the incoming class of 2021 to communicate, get acquainted, and share pop-culture pics and stories. Some of the students went left and started their own group. This is where the inappropriate images and messages were posted. Somehow, screenshots from the secret group were forwarded to Harvard and the people involved got popped. Screenshots are the devil. But either way, that sounds like a trap and the kiddies fell in.

While no criminal charges were filed, the students did lose their Harvard 2021 status and earned the task of finding a new school for September. Revoking the student’s admission privileges seems a tad harsh but given the political tone of the country, these behaviors cannot be tolerated. Life is full of lessons and this one is one for the books. Teaching children about the rights and wrongs of life isn’t easy. While these actions were done with intent to be funny, they have an underlying tone of “hate, racism, sexism…etc”. I wonder what the parentals had to say about this?

Photo Credit: The Crimson
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