Get Your Lobster On At The Crabby Shack | Brooklyn

Seafood and summertime go hand in hand. Most people begin pulling up to their favorite seafood spot  in late May and continue coming through until September. Since it is June, it’s only right to start saluting local seafood spots. As it would be, today marks National Lobster Day. It’s the perfect day to pay homage to all things lobster. Brooklyn is home to many seafood restaurants but The Crabby Shack happens to be one of our favorites.

Nicknamed The Shack, Gwen Woods and Fifi Bell-Clanton (the Owners) made this establishment come true with a Kickstarter and a dream. After running their campaign for 30 days and finding the perfect location, they jumped into the food business and made their mark. The Shack is a very popular place that everyone comes to visit. The neighborhood welcomed The Shack with open arms and it stands out on the block.

This quaint little spot sits on Franklin Avenue (Off Dean St.), easily accessible on the C and S train lines. While the menu boasts all things “crab”, there is a Lobster Roll on there that will absolutely make your day. The lobster meat is plentiful and it isn’t dressed up with a bunch of mayonnaise and fillers. The CLobster is another option that marries lobster and crab in a sandwich together. Whichever one you choose, The Crabby Shack is reppin’ hard. Either one is the perfect option to celebrate National Lobster Day. Follow them on Instagram and find your way to BK for a seafood treat.

Photo Credit: The Crabby Shack / Instagram


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