Reality Bites | Father’s Day Salute To The Dads That Do It

For some reason, there is a lot of drama that comes with Father’s Day. Like Mother’s Day, it’s a day to celebrate fathers and all that they do for their families. While we should be celebrating and appreciating the parentals every day, these holidays have become a big deal.

Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can be tricky. Unlike a lot of mothers, there are a plenty of fathers who don’t take their job too serious. Deadbeat Dads are all too common so Father’s Day gets downplayed. It shouldn’t because there are a whole lot of other dads who go above and beyond to do their job. Those are the dads who should be celebrated this day and that’s it. There should be no man bashing, no baby daddy insults, and certainly no wishing “single moms” a Happy Father’s Day. At the end of the day ladies, you chose said man so bashing him says a lot about you.

Take this day to honor the men who are standing examples for their children. Dads who hustle to make sure their family is straight. Dads who work 40+ hours a week and still find the time to spend some quality time with their kids. There are dads who have to travel for work and fly home every chance they get to spend time with their children. There are stay-at-home dads who let their wives get it in at work and hold down the house. Those are the people that should get the Father’s Day salute on Sunday. Let’s keep the vibes positive and give the good dads the day they deserve.


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