Pack It Up, Pack It In…Tips For Keeping Your Suitcase In Order

When traveling, there are several things that need to be on point. Your credentials, your sleeping arrangements, and your suitcase. Knowing where everything is and traveling with everything you need is an absolute must. There’s nothing like reaching your destination and looking for things you need but don’t have.

When it comes to packing, being neat and precise is key. Taking the time to organize your belongings and packing smart is key. With all the travel rules, fees, and restrictions, it is important to be smart and resourceful. There are plenty of ways to do it. We’ve decided to share some of our best travel practices for keeping your suitcase in order.

  1. First and foremost, it is important to know what you need. While it sounds corny, making a list is the best way to stay suitcase-focused. Writing down exactly what you’ll need will save you from overpacking. People have a tendency to grab everything in the closet and take it with them. Making a list can help alleviate that.
  2. Unless you work in a laundromat or went to school for folding, rolling your clothing is a space saver. Stacking things in corners and maneuvering the items to make them fit becomes easier. And by all means, use a suitcase with a strap to hold it all down.
  3. Ladies, we all know shoes are a must however, bringing every shoe in the closet is not necessary. Unless there is a formal event planned, leave the heels at home. Slipper, sandals, and sneakers are key…and depending on the location, boots may be necessary too. Footwear can add a lot of extra weight to your baggage (remember…FEES!). Traveling with light footwear is key as well.
  4. If you plan on shopping, use a bigger suitcase and leave space for new items. This will alleviate having to purchase new luggage or jam stuff into the already packed suitcase.
  5. A backpack is a travel essential. Having all of the necessary items at hands reach is important. Digging through a packed carry-on suitcase for items is hard to do mid-flight.
  6. Plastic bags are key for keeping dirty clothes separate from clean ones. Washing cloths before going home is also suggested. Bulky bags of dirty clothes take up a lot more space than rolled clean ones. Carrying extra bags and sorting things out makes life travel-easier as well.
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