Reality Bites | Your Selfie Isn’t Better Than Mine

The selfie has become a social media staple. People go above and beyond to snap a photo of themselves with their mobile device. A selfie, which is really just a self-taken portrait is all the rage. The first selfie was taken back in the 1800s with a Kodak Brownie Box camera. Since then, people have been taking self portraits for years. Like everything else, over time they’ve evolved, creating the social media “selfie”. People go above and beyond to make their selfie better than the next persons. Getting the shot involves all kinds of tactics, even death.

It’s not about capturing a self-image anymore. It’s about snapping an image to outdo the next person to garner more Internet “respect”. There have been duck-face selfies, dirty room in the background selfies,  naked selfies, photoshopped selfies, life-threatening selfies, and even illegal selfies. People photograph themselves in front of a variety of things to get that “epic” selfie. We’ve even seen people taking selfies in front of crime scenes or tragic situations. Why would someone think that this behavior is okay?

Celebrities also set the trend when it comes to snapping selfies. Ms. Kim K. raises the bar with her selfies every time she posts. Once she does something, there are a gaggle of fans who follow suit. Most recently it was Amber Rose and her now infamous pantsless shot that started something new. People all over the world posted up sans pants trying to mimic the shot.

While some people see nothing wrong with taking selfies, there are others who feel there is a whole theory behind their existence. Narcissism is definitely a huge part of that conversation. Being obsessed with oneself is considered a problem and in some situations, it might be. Being comfortable with yourself shouldn’t involve the validation of people, especially on social media. People are going to have their opinion and at the end of the day, all that really matters is how the person feels about themselves.

Taking a selfie shouldn’t involve any other motivation except…I’m feelin’ myself today and I wanna take a pic. Trying to show someone up or trying to make someone feel bad by taking a better selfie could be a sign of a bigger problem. Adding a filter and photoshopping your waistline doesn’t mean your selfie is better than others, it just means you’re more skilled at altering your pics.

In honor of National Selfie Day, take a picture of you because you’re feelin’ yourself and you love the way you look. No filter. No photoshop. No lighted phone case…just you.

Photo Credit: Instagram ‘selfie’ hashtag

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