Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Passes Away at 42

With all of the celebrities we lost last year, we were all happy to get rid of 2016. It’s a new year but 2017 continues to deliver the blows. This year is bringing that same kind of energy as we lost yet another icon to the culture. News of Prodigy‘s passing hit the Hip Hop community hard. He died yesterday in Las Vegas after being hospitalized for complications due to Sickle Cell Anemia.

Prodigy was one half of the rap duo Mobb Deep. They are known for the grit of their music and the realness of their lyrics. Never faltering for anybody, Prodigy and Havoc made their mark in the Hip Hop community. Prodigy repped for Queens with nothing but pride and he and Havoc made Mobb Deep one of the main players in the ‘Golden Era’ of Hip Hop. Most people know of Mobb Deep for their bevy of hits like “Shook Ones”, “Survival of the Fittest”, and “Quiet Storm”. If you’re a fan then you also know that they had an arsenal of album cuts that were solid bangers.

Prodigy was known for taking his pain and turning it into music. A lot of his music talked about real life, what he’s been through, and what was really good. Prodigy spent some time in prison due to a gun-possession charge but jumped right back in the game upon release. We were lucky enough to catch him at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert just a couple of weeks ago where he ripped the stage as a guest of Joey Bada$$.

Aside from writing music, he also inked a couple of books. The most recent being Commissary Kitchen, a book that highlighted his path to eating healthy while being in prison. Not everyone can go to prison and train themselves to eat healthy. The content is extremely informative. So much so that it’s actually banned from some prisons. Imagine that? A lot of his peers took to Social Media to express their grief and sadness. The interview clips, performance clips, and even some candid moments have been posted as an ode to Prodigy. Sleep in peace, P. You will be missed.

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