It’s HOT! Stay Hydrated With Fruit Infused Water

For some of us, drinking water is a chore. Now that it’s summer in the city, it is even more important to drink water. Staying hydrated is literally the key to life. Without water, our bodies can’t function. Making sure the necessary amounts are consumed is very important. While water is tasteless, odorless, and refreshing when cold, it is still something people have a problem with drinking on a regular basis.

There are all kinds of tricks and things to get people to drink more water. A “Destiny’s Child” 2-Gallon bottle of water popped up on Instagram earlier this week. The water bottle was broken down into members of the group. The best, being Beyoncé was the bottom and the worst was Farrah at the top. If you drank a lot of water, you were Bey. If you drank a little bit you were Farrah. Clearly every one wants to be Bey so they are going to drink all the water. Nobody wants to be Farrah.

Need to drink more water? There is really an app for that. Some are free while others you have to pay for. Imagine having to pay for an app to remind you to drink water? Water balance, waterlogged, and HydroCoach are all designed to help you meet your daily goal for drinking water via your smartphone.

If an app is not what you need, then maybe this will help. Fruit-infused water is a popular option to help people drink more water. All of these infusions go beyond a slice of lemon. They include fruits, herbs, and even some agave nectar to give the water a little kick. Since today is National Hydration Day, it’s only right we give you some tips on how to stay hydrated. Hopefully, the below recipes will help. Best part about these recipes is that you can add fruit and herbs to taste. We recommend chilling overnight but of course, it’s up to you.

Lavender Lemon water is perfect for a summertime treat. Simply use fresh lemon cut into slices and fresh lavender leaves to taste.

Watermelon Basil water is a popular summer drink. Simply cut up the watermelon and add fresh basil. Chill and serve. Muddling the fruit and basil together could create more bursts of flavor.

Pear Vanilla Water is definitely a treat. Not only does it taste pretty good but it helps to boost your immune system. Add some sliced pear, vanilla bean, ginger, and cinnamon to your water and let is sit. This is a great way to hydrate and get a little extra.

Add a little kick to your H2O with a Strawberry Jalapeño Infusion. Simply cut up some fresh jalapeños (sans the seeds) and some strawberries ( leaf tops optional) and let them mesh in the water.

These are just a few of our faves. Visit here for more recipe ideas.

Photo Credit: Daily Burn
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