STARZ Original Series ‘Power’: The 5 Times Things Got Real | Ep.1 S4

There’s no better sound than the opening song to the hit series Power. It’s no secret that STARZ cable network came through with some solid Original Series. Who knew that a series called ‘Power‘ created by 50 Cent would take off the way it did. It’s been banging since Season 1 and the storyline shows no signs of backing down. Season 4 kicked off today after a really long hiatus and gave us everything we were hoping for.

First and foremost, Lala…I mean Kiesha lives! To keep her from the death grip of Milan, Tommy hid her and her son in a basement. If you remember, Sesason 3 ends with the death of Milan and the arrest of Ghost…err..Mr. St. Patrick. She’s been stashed in the basement all this time, despite the possibility of her death when Tommy walked into the shop.

When Mr. St. Patrick got arrested, we were all under the impression that he would get himself out of the mess. Angela is gung-ho about pinning the murder on him, even though we all know who did it. Watching him get processed was a reality check. All of those scenes were intense and the feeling of being locked up was clearly unnerving to him. By episode’s end, he was remanded back to jail where he would wait until his trial. Not characteristic for Mr. St. Patrick. He always gets away with everything but apparently not this time.

Oh and we need Officer Charlie Murphy to chill. He is doing the absolute most right now.

Tasha has the patience of a saint. The moment Angela came walking through the penthouse for the raid, I just knew she was going to snatch her up with the quickness. Her ride or die is serious and her loyalty is on 100.  The fact that she has to deal with her husband’s ex-sidechick in this manner is OD. I think it’s crazy how Angela has the upper hand, was messing with both the victim and the defendant, and she continues to be the laughing stock of her office. All of that and she still manages to walk around like she’s all that. HOW?

Then there’s the Tariq, Kanan, Dre triangle. Tommy has a keen eye for BS and he clearly believes that Dre is shoveling it. Kanan is taking full advantage of the fact that Tariq is not on his A-game. He is running hella game on him and Tariq is too stupid to see it. Aside from that, everybody thinks Kanan is dead. Wonder what’s going to happen when they find out otherwise. Guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see. Be sure to tune in to STARZ Original Series Power next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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