You Trippin’? Take These 5 Travel Essentials With You

People travel all the time. Collecting sky miles and passport stamps has always been a thing. It is important to travel with the essentials, things that will keep you comfy during your journey. Everyone has their favorite items that make their travels a treat. Thanks to JBL, we stumbled across some additional travel must-haves that you should most definitely add to your collection.

When it comes to audio goods and electronics, JBL always delivers. They hosted the ultimate Poolside Casino at  Life Time Athletic at Sky in New York City to gave folks a glimpse of the essentials. Life on-the-go shouldn’t be so rough and adding these things to your regimen could make it better. Whether it’s rail, road, or sky, your movements should include:

The JBL CHARGE3 Bluetooth Speaker is the truth. When traveling, it is important to have a sound system that knocks. The CHARGE3 gives you all the volume and base you need to enjoy the soundtrack to your travels. This waterproof gem is perfect for ventures at the beach or pool. It plugs and plays or syncs with a variety of mobile devices to play.

Having power for your mobile device of choice is always a good idea. While there are places to plug in and power-up everywhere, there’s nothing like having the juice in your pocket. This JBL Portable Charger is slim, trim, and packed with juice to help alleviate that 1%.

Whether the trip is business or pleasure, clean kicks are a must. Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner for the win.

A Moleskine is a writer’s best friend. Documenting thoughts, ideas, business plans, rhymes, and even sketches is easy with a travel-sized Moleskine. These notebooks are legendary and have been the force behind a myriad of dope literary works.

Kiehl’s is one of our personal faves. Their skin care regimen is clutch and it even gives life when on the road. Keep your skin looking fresh with Creme de Corps Body Moisturizer. The Ultimate Strength Hand Salve keeps hands moisturized while you’re on the move. Another worthy addition is the Butterstick Lip Treatment. Dry lips are not cool and the Butterstick keeps that in check. There’s a regular one and a few tinted options for a lil pop of color.

All of the items mentioned above are perfectly sized for backpacks and travel bags. If hitting the road for the 4th of July Holiday is on your agenda, you’ll want to make sure you have these items in tow.




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