STARZ Original Series ‘Power’: The 5 Times Things Got Real | Ep.2 S4

First and foremost, #FREEGHOST should be on everybody’s social media timeline today. Episode 2 of the STARZ Original Series ‘Power” rang off last night and they still have the OG locked up! In all the seasons of this show, we’ve never seen Ghost compromised like this. While we all know who he really is and what he’s done, it’s almost like he doesn’t deserve this because he’s not Greg’s killer. The death penalty is officially an option for him. Thanks, Angela.

Tariq is still running around with Slim..aka…Kanan and getting himself into all kinds of nonsense. Even though Dre is paying them off, Kanan continues his staged relationship with Tariq. Given the fact that Tariq is feeling rebellious and stupid, he is latching on to Kanan like a herb. He even asked “Slim” about Kanan and he told him Kanan was dead. Tariq believed him. **insert eye rolling emoji. He is feeling some kind of way about his father being locked up so rebellion is his answer. Unfortunately, it’s walking him down a dark road.

After Kiesha demanded that Tommy and Tasha stop laundering money out of her shop, he came to the crib and gave her the business. Now, the best friend (Tommy) is banging the other best friend (Kiesha) and doesn’t want the best friend (Tasha) to know. That sounds like a deceptive recipe for disaster and it probably won’t end well.

Angela is still trying to prove her case…but she doesn’t have one. She keeps trying to get into the work groove but her Thot-life keeps getting in the way. It doesn’t help much that the killer is on the Prosecuting team and John is a Mak at his job (see what I did there). They are keeping her off the case as she was involved with everyone on trial. Sandoval stupidly planted a gun at Truth during the “Raid”, not knowing that Ghost is not that sloppy. Everyone who knows Ghost knows that’s not in his personality so it’s obvious that something isn’t right.

Tommy is running business as usual. Aside from making sure that everyone is handling their business, he’s taking care of his own business. Not only is he on Dre, but he’s pressing Julio to step his up, and he ran Dominguez over with his own car. The feds tapped his car but he passed his car off to his mama. Smart move.

We were all rooting for Dre but his loyalty is looking thin in these streets. Even though he is handling club business like a champ, his extracurricular activities are no bueno. He’s pledging loyalty to Ghost but allowing his enemy to chill with his son while paying him off. Tommy can sense his weakness and once he figures it out, it’s a wrap for him. It’s safe to say his days are numbered. Be sure to tune in to Power on STARZ Sunday 7/9 at 9 p.m. to see what happens next.


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