Jimmy Kimmel makes 50 Cent pop out and post up in L.A.

Jimmy Kimmel is always behind some kind of prank. His show Jimmy Kimmel Live is guaranteed to make you laugh. He recently had 50 Cent as a guest and if you know Fif, he’s already funny. He interviews well and has the most honest answers for everything. Kimmel turned things up a notch and let him loose on the streets of  Los Angeles.

It all started when Kimmel put Fif in a secret room with a TV screen. They stopped random people on the streets and asked them about 50 Cent. Kimmel’s people asked if they agreed with the idea that 50 Cent was the best rapper of all time. Their responses were honest. Once they answered, Fif would pop out and post up. Their reactions were priceless and his response to their opinions were cool. Despite some of his crazy shenanigans, he really is a cool dude. Check out the clip above to see how it all played out. Be sure to tune in to Jimmy Kimmel weeknights at 11:35 pm ET.

Oh and don’t forget to watch Power.

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