Reality Bites: Can we talk about Tariq for a second? | Power Recap

We are four episodes in and STARZ original series Power continues to set us up on a wild storyline ride. There are a lot of things going on but there is one particular situation that continues to create a storyline of its own. Ghost / James St. Patrick’s son Tariq is a public nuisance to us all. There is no doubt that everyone who watches the show wants to reach out and touch him on the head with a Timberland!

He was such a cute, innocent kid in the beginning and now he’s spawned into a reckless brat! He is running around with Slim (Kannan), drinking Lean, and smoking weed. He’s even orchestrating robberies by stealing his friends access codes to their townhouses so that Slim and friends can rob them. While he’s not actually stealing the stuff, he gets a lick off the hit. When all is said and done, one has to ask…When did he become such a tyrant?

A lot of of viewers are torn and feel like Tariq is a product of his parents. Both of his parents are involved in some pretty shady business. The older he gets, the more he starts to realize that something isn’t right. His behavior is a combination of him feeling a tad bit grown mixed in with a whole lot of rebellion. Other viewers feel like he is just being a silly brat and is going to get himself caught up into some -ish. Perhaps he needs his father to come home and straighten things out. Tommy has been trying to hold things down but it’s not really effective and Dre is watching it happen while he plays both sides of the fence.

Riq’s little sister is trying to regulate but he’s basically thugging her on a daily. She stumbled across his cash stash and he threw her out of his room, citing that she was a snitch. His double middle finger as the elevator door was closing is confirmation that he has officially checked out of family life. He ends the episode over at Slim’s spot with Destiny, a chick he’s been eyeing for a minute. During their conversation, we hear Tariq admit to not being happy with his home life. It’s easy to feel bad for him but then his behaviors trigger a different reaction.

Dre walks in to alert Kanaan about the FBI shut-down of the club. While he’s there, Tariq walks in. He tells him that he needs to go home with him. Tariq refuses, Slim laughs, and demands his weekly money be paid on time. How is Dre supposed to pay him the money if the club is shut down? Dre is going to have his own problems real soon as a result. If and when…Mr. St. Patrick gets out of jail, Dre is going to have to answer to him. Be sure to tune into Power next Sunday @9 p.m. on STARZ.


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