#Issa Season Premiere! Insecure season 2 kicks off this weekend


Issa Rae gave us a gift when Insecure debuted on HBO. The highly relatable television series is one of the realest looks at life to date. We’ve all been in a lot of her situations and her ability to tell a story is clutch. ‘Insecure’ left us hanging with Lawrence getting at the bank teller and Issa trying to figure things out. There has been much speculation about what could happen next. The time has come to see what’s really good as Season 2 kicks off this weekend!

This entire series deals with life scenarios that most of us deal with on a daily. Whether it’s relationship issues  or the race card that’s being played, Insecure brings it all to light. Issa and Molly are also at odds but like most friends, they should get over it. Lawrence is not trying to hear Issa’s explanations but like most people in a relationship, he may get over it. Like most adults, we feel like our lives haven’t shaped up how we wanted but hopefully, it will. The job situation sucks but at any given moment, you could get that big break.

Watching all of these things play out is like watching some of our own lives on T.V. There is literally a character that could be any of us on any given day and that’s what makes this series so enjoyable. If you haven’t seen Season 1, we strongly suggest you get your binge on. You have some time as Season 2 isn’t slated to kick off until Sunday July 23 @ 10:30 p.m on HBO.

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