Season 4 of STARZ Original Series ‘Power’ Just Leveled Up

Not for nothing, the writers of the STARZ Original Series ‘Power‘ are lethal with their pens. They have the ability to take a storyline and make it pop in an hour. They kept us comfortable for the first four episodes and then unleashed a jaw-dropping episode five. We are at the halfway mark to the end of the season so they had to level up right quick.

The episode started with Mr. St. Patrick behind bars and ended with an apology from the judge and his release. After Angela went over the surveillance tape, she realized that there was no way Jamie/Ghost/Mr. St. Patrick could have done it. Her testimony ended up getting her and her co-workers suspended but at least she was able to shed light on his innocence. The whole time this is playing out, Mike Sandoval is trying to reassign a murder that he committed. There was even a point where he was cross-examining St. Patrick and he talked about it detail for detail. It was kind of creepy but gangsta at the same time. Silver helped Ghost out big time. We can’t put our finger on it but…there’s something a little weird about him.

While all this is happening, Kanan is still walking around unnoticed. Well, that’s until Julio peeps him and Dre talking at the makeshift club. Why on earth would Dre even have him there? He is literally numbering his days and now that Ghost is out, the game’s gonna change. Wonder where his loyalty is going to lie?

One of the most intense scenes is when Ghost is in the weight training room and C.O. Williams (Charlie Murphy) comes in for the set up. Terisi teamed up with him to “get rid” of Ghost but the plan goes awry. Williams gets his head smashed in with a free-weight, a murder/suicide is staged, and it becomes clear(er) that Terisi could be Tommy’s father. Ghost now owes him a favor and it’s going to be interesting to see how he cashes that out. Terisi asked that Ghost deliver a cell phone to Tommy as soon as he gets out or he’s going to talk about the Marshall situation. Uh-Oh. That’s going to be hard to do since Tommy is headed to the Chi sans communication.

Speaking of Tommy, he finally told Tasha what really happened to Holly. She basically gave him the green light for his actions but also suggested he curve Keisha. They are all about doing whatever it takes to take care of the family. Since Tommy isn’t really into Keisha like she’s into him, it’s best he keep her at a distance.

Tariq finally got himself into something he’s probably not going to be able to get out of alone. Jukebox snatched him up to resume with the bigger plan to off him and his dad. This is going to messy once Ghost and Tommy find out. If you missed Episode 5 then we strongly suggest you catch up on STARZ On Demand and be sure to tune in to STARZ next Sunday at 9 p.m. for Episode 6.

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