Frank Ocean Hit The Panorama NYC Stage With A Vengeance

The days leading up to Panorama NYC were pretty intense. Frank Ocean was scheduled to headline the Friday night lineup after Solange. Given his recent performance history, there was a strong possibility that we would not see him. He’d been cancelling performances left and right and the fans didn’t settle down until he made his slightly tardy entrance on to the stage. It was nothing but vibes after that.

While everyone was trying to make their way to the front of the stage, we kicked back in the V.I.P. section near the big speaker. That proved to be a worthy viewing space for Solange. We were hoping the same for Frank. Our position was clutch as Frank pulled up to a stage set-up in the middle of the crowd. We were parallel from his entire performance and couldn’t be happier.

He opened with “Solo” as the crowd sang every word like they wrote it. Then he ran through his list of tunes from Channel Orange and Blonde. Despite the thousands of people in the crowd, the performance had a very intimate feel to it. During the show, he made mention that he was still figuring things out but moved through the set-list with a vengeance. He gave every song everything he had and made it personal for everyone standing in the audience. The Panorama crowd was definitely a mixed bag but everyone was on the same page when it came time for Frank.

The details of his show were so intricate. From the disco ball to the band in the cut to the taped list of locations on the side of his keyboard…he made sure to keep the basics covered. His stage crew was even interacting with the crowd as they typed messages to the crowd on their computer to be flashed on the big screen on stage. Things like his politically correct T-shirt and Off-White Nike Prestos were all the rage…So was his blue hair.

We loved everything about his performance and being there to witness it made it even better. Check out some of our pics and vids via Instagram, @Roc4Life.

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