Get Your Grub On at DeKalb Market Hall | Brooklyn Eats

Brooklyn is definitely making some fresh additions to the neighborhood(s). When it comes to food, new restaurants, and grub spots are always worth sharing. We stumbled upon the DeKalb Market Hall and it’s like being in food heaven. This indoor food market houses all things edible and it’s definitely worth the visit.

DeKalb Market Hall is home to over 35 vendors from all over the world. Foods from a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities are well represented in this one-stop food shop situation. It is home to places like Katz’s, Arepa Lady. BK Juicer, Home Frite, and Paella Shack to name a few. Coming to the DeKalb Market Hall on an empty stomach is not the best idea because you are going to want to eat everything in sight. The Hall opens early with select vendors available at 7 a.m., just in time for breakfast. They serve up grub all day until 10 P.M. Aside from the vendors, there are all kinds of cool things happening inside. The show kitchen is home to all kinds of live programming and allows for a variety of dining experiences. Check out the video below and be sure to stop by the Dekalb Market Hall sometime soon.

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