Float On! Imagine Swimming In A Pool In The East River

The East River is a huge body of water that is a major part of New York City. It spans from North to South and serves as a waterway for things like ferries, water taxis, and sea planes. During the summer months, people take to the river in jet skis and kayaks too. Sometime in the near future, folks might be able to swim in there too. The Cities Project in partnership with Heineken is working to bring a floating pool to the river. The +POOL will hopefully be coming to the East River and we couldn’t be more excited.


Back in 1911, there used to be a “floating bath” situation in the East River. But as time went on, the River became polluted. It got so polluted that people couldn’t swim in it anymore. The time has come to change all that with the +POOL. The design for the +POOL features a + shaped pool that has its own filter system that would clean the river water daily for swimming. The clean water would be contained in the pool area so that people can swim. The pool holds about 2,500 people and would be open during the summer months.

There is a huge campaign happening to get this on and poppin’ and it starts at SwimInTheRiver.com. Visit the site to find out how you can help make this happen. Press play on the clip above to for a much more in depth look at the +POOL.


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