The Kid Has Skills! Caiden Mills Spits Bars For Dave Chappelle

Hip Hop music touches the lives of people of all ages. When it’s a part of your life from early on, it seems to have an effect on you. A young man by the name of Caiden Mills seems to have taken on some of his father’s talents. Caiden’s dad, rapper Consequence, has been a fixture in the rap game for quite some time. He was recently on stage with A Tribe Called Quest at Panorama. While it was the super-group’s last performance, it seems like they passed the torch.

Caiden, who was on deck at the Panorama performance, kicked a few bars for comedian Dave Chappelle. Dave was pretty impressed at the solid bars young Caiden was spittin’. It’s never too early to nurture true talent and Caiden is definitely showing some skills. If he’s spittin’ like this now, imagine what he’s going to sound like 10, even 5 years from now.

Word on the street is that Caiden is already getting familiar with the stu. He has a single, Yellow Diamonds, that will be dropping very soon. That probably means there’s an album in the works as well. Press play on the Instagram link below to hear Caiden do his thing. Follow him on Instagram, @Caiden817, to see what he’s up to next.

I got to rap for Dave Chappelle and @cblacksmith and showed them that I mean BUSINESS!!!

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