Lobo: The Place To Go When You Need A Fajita | Brooklyn

There is something about a well put together fajita that makes the world a better place. In honor of National Fajita Day, we want to put you on to one of the dopest fajita spots in Brooklyn. Lobo Tex Mex Restaurant has a menu that’s on point. They are serving up some of the most delicious chimichangas, burritos, and fajitas on the planet.

Fajitas originated in Mexico and are served all around the world. It all started because vaqueros would throw away the cuts of beef they didn’t want. So that the meat wouldn’t go to waste, the vaqueros seasoned them to taste, grilled them, and served them on tortillas. They are a combination of grilled meat, preferrably chicken or steak, served on a soft tortilla. Today, fajitas are served with veggies, cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, and salsa sauce piled on top for a full plated meal. Lobo offers steak, chicken, portabella mushroom, chipotle, or grilled shrimp fajitas for the taking. Lobo Tex mex Restaurant is located on 218 Court Street in Cobble Hill Brooklyn.

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