The 5 Times Rappers Used ‘Solar Eclipse’ In A Verse

Everybody is chattin’ it up about what’s about to go down. Monday is a really big day for the sun and the moon. The two will come together for an afternoon total solar eclipse. The eclipse can be seen from coast to coast of the United States. The eclipse path will allow people in states from Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina to see the full on eclipse. Other states across the U.S. will be able to see just a partial view. In any case, everybody’s talking about it. And with all the talk about the eclipse we decided to see just how important it was to the culture.

After a little research, we found out that people have been talking about solar eclipses for years…even some of your favorite rappers. We stumbled across a few that even used the words “solar eclipse” in a verse. Imagine That? Press play on some of the links below to hear the tracks that got blessed with the phrase “solar eclipse” in their verse. Be sure to post up on Monday afternoon to see the eclipse go down.

 Nas – Nastradamus

You want beef? I could let a slug melt in your hat
Cause I’m a wild barbarian, too hard, I’m scarin’ ’em
Century 21 solar eclipse
While you listenin’ to the words that I wrote on the disc

Flavor for the Non-Believes – Mobb Deep

And when I kick MC’s abandon ship
Cause my brain is the sun of a solar eclipse
Yo, Havoc is the man that you have to bring
Cause I’m flippin like pages in a Word Up magazine

Revolution – Grace Jones and Lil Kim

Listen, it’s soundin’ like the 4th of July
Like a solar eclipse is lit right in the sky
I can’t believe this guy, he won’t fall over
Holes in his body the size of cup holders

Pull Up – Bun B, Big K.R.I.T., Big Sant
Transformers can’t fuck with this, not the way my doors flip
Skyscraper tall when I creep and crawl, is that Krit or a solar eclipse

The Rap Gods – Andre Nickatina
I can block the sun, like a solar eclipse
My homie said he had a yacht but I don’t mess with ships

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