Fashionably Fresh Feet For Fall: Shiftwear Digital Sneakers

People are always trying to come up with the next best thing when it comes to fashion. Footwear is an important part of fashion and putting together a fire fit. Sneakers have become an important part of putting looks together. From suits to swears, they are paired with just about any ensemble. Designers are going above and beyond to create styles that pop. Shiftwear came up with an innovative design that takes footwear to the next level. Digital Sneakers allows users to switch up the look of their shoe thanks to a digital display.

Shiftwear Digital Sneakers come with a digital display on the sides that allow users to switch the visual with the touch of a smartphone button. The shoes sync to the phone via Bluetooth and come with a bevy of images to choose from. If you’re creative enough, you can design your own moving images and have them match your fit. The shoes charge wirelessly when walking and are allegedly water and soil proof.

These are the perfect addition to the fall shoe closet and will take your sneaker collection to the next level. Shiftwear Digital Sneakers ain’t cheap. Prices start at $500 and changes depending on the design and style you choose. Cost aside, these are definitely worth the cop.

Photo Credit: YouTube
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