STARZ Teams Up With RZA, Common, and Jerry Bruckheimer for ‘Black Samurai’

STARZ has been the driving force behind some pretty dope television series. They’re looking to capture the attention of millions with their latest plan to create an action-drama series. The cable network announced today that they’ve teamed up with Jerry Bruckheimer, Academy Award winner Common, and Wu-Tan Clan’s RZA to create a series under the working title, Black Samurai. The series will be heavily inspired by the Black Samurai novels penned by Marc Olden.

First of all, if you know the work of Jerry Bruckheimer then you already know this series is going to be clutch. When it comes to telling a story with precision, Bruckheimer is the man to do it. The storyline is set to follow the life of character Robert Sand (to be played by Common) and his quest to avenge his sensei and samurai brothers. Even though the story is set for back in the day, the reboot gets a modern look with Sand being “part Jason Bourne, part James Bond, and 100% the hero we need today.”

Between the creativity on the team and the finesse of the storyline, the visual for this is going to be on point. RZA is big on martial arts and has been a fan of Robert Sand since he was a kid. To work on a project that you’re truly a fan of means that it’s going to get 110% of your effort. The combination of modern effects with martial arts, adventure, and the talents of the creative and acting team will produce some amazing TV. While a release date hasn’t been announced, the series is in motion and should be hitting the screen real soon.

“I’m beyond excited about ‘Black Samurai.’ This is a unique and special project that offers something rarely seen in art and culture today,” – Common

Photo Credit: STARZ

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