Buttermilk Channel Has Chicken and Waffles on Heavy Rotation | Brooklyn

The combination of chicken and waffles always sounds like it shouldn’t go together, but it does. The southern brunch, lunch & dinner classic makes a delicious dish that is served on a daily. Since today is National Waffle Day, there should be plates of said dish on heavy rotation. If you’re in Brooklyn, Buttermilk Channel is the place for some serious chicken & waffles. Word on the street is that Chicken & Waffles originated in Harlem back in the 20th Century. Over the years, the presentation has evolved and there are some yummy options for the taking.

Buttermilk Channel serves up some of the most delicious southern dishes with a modern twist. Their cheddar waffles are served with fried chicken or pork chops with a choice of bacon, fries, and biscuits for sides. Other items on the menu include Short Rib Hash, Buttermilk Pancakes, Heirloom Bean Stew, and House-MADE Granola with Organic Yogurt. Whether you’re a practicing vegetarian or a routine meat eater, there’s something for everybody on the menu.

Chicken & Waffles is a solid meal that will definitely fill you up. Celebrate National Chicken & Waffle Day with a plate of southern goodness at Buttermilk Channel.

Buttermilk Channel 524 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

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