It’s Lit on Netflix For September

September is the beginning and the end of a lot of things. As far as Netflix is concerned, it’s just another month to stream some of the dopest shows and movies around. While there are a bevy of shows and movies leaving Netflix this month, there are a bunch of better ones taking their place. If you don’t have a Netflix membership yet, you need to get with it and make it happen.


Season three of Netflix Originals Series Narcos kicks off this month and it promises to be just as mind-blowing as the other two. Netflix has been hittin’ with the Original Series selections with the promise of more to come. American Vandal, First They Killed My Father, and Strong Island are amongst the list of Original Series set to drop this month. The highly anticipated comedy special from Jerry Seinfeld is also on deck for release. He joins the ranks of comedians like Dave Chappelle who released their material through the Flix.


Pulp Fiction makes its way to the Netflix catalogue as well as Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, all the JAWS flicks, and Dead Poet’s Society are also on deck for Netflix streaming. If you missed these culture classics the first time around, now is the perfect time to catch up. Disney drops Beauty and the Beast into Netflix rotation as well as Mulan and Hercules.


While we are focused on switching seasons, getting back to school, and erasing the memories of Summer Fridays, television is important too. Be sure to get your dose of what’s on September Netflix before they’re gone.

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