HBO’s ’Insecure’ Brings Open Marriage To The Millennial Table

Season 2 of HBO’s Insecure is creating a whole lot of conversation. With the season finale coming on Sunday, the events from episodes 1-7 are still the topic of many a conversation. Aside from the antics of Lawrence and Issa, Molly has taken on a new role…the SideChick with permission. She started engaging in some interesting behavior that has many people questioning her decision-making skills. In the beginning of the season, she decided to take a break from men. Then she linked up with an old friend (Dro) who happens to be married to her friend. We all know that sleeping with a married man is a no-no but what happens when he’s in an open marriage?

Open marriages and relationships are happening a lot but not spoken about nearly as much as they should. The shock of hearing Dro admit that he and his wife Candace are in an open relationship sent Social Media into a frenzy. Molly knowingly put herself in a one-way situation by making herself available for someone who’s not. Well, he’s available but not in the way she needs/wants. Their situation-ship got awkward when a birthday dinner party get-together brought things into perspective.

The dinner party was the climax for everybody’s emotion. Reality hit Molly in the face as she was in the presence of both Candace and Dro for the first time since the 2 started sleeping together. She realized that although Dro was finessin’ her in the sheets, his wife was still his #1 priority. He gave her attention at the table, asked her opinion, and basically acted like Molly wasn’t there. He did pay her much attention in the bathroom though and even asked her not to follow him out. It was at that moment that Molly had a WTF moment and may have decided to reclaim her time. I mean… in open marriages, there are rules and regs. Would Molly be excluded from the party if Candace knew she and Dro were a “thing”?

This open-marriage situation on Insecure looks messy AF. There are people living this reality every day and one has to wonder if things are this weird. How does one justify the decision to be in an open-marriage? How does it even become the topic of conversation? Is it a tool to keep your relationship “fun and exciting”…Or simply an excuse to cheat with permission? It will be interesting to see how Molly, Dro, and Candace handle the situation on Sunday. People are torn and wondering if Dro is even telling the truth! *insert emoji think face.

If you need to catch up, check the full episodes here. Tune in to the Insecure Season Finale airing this Sunday on HBO at 11 pm (for a whole 45 minutes… HOLLA!)

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