Respect the Conglomerate: Apple Unleashes the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

If you’re wondering why your current iPhone is randomly tweaking, wonder no more. Today, Apple held their big product reveal event at the newly opened Steve Jobs Theater. It feels like whenever the next iPhone is on deck, the old ones start bugging out. This gives you reason to consider copping the new one. Either way, this reveal event unveiled some pretty amazing products.

The Series 3 iWatch drops with a myriad of new features including enhanced fitness features and Apple Heart Study. This series watch comes with Cellular, which allows users to take and make phone calls from anywhere (without the phone). This also allows for the streaming of over 40 million songs. Couple that with bluetooth headphones and it’s LIT! If you currently own an iWatch, you know the struggle of trying to answer the phone without your device. This new cellular feature is clutch AF. They also introduced Apple TV4K which boasts HD visuals and a gaming system that is on point.

The iPhone has been a staple in some of our lives for years. We now use iPhones to pay for things, document memories, work remotely, and communicate with people around the world efficiently. The Apple Conglomerate is real and they are continuing their takeover with the introduction of the iPhone 8. The newest addition to the iPhone family delivers an 8 and an 8 Plus design. Hopefully they included a new charger design in all these upgrades because over the course of all the phones they’ve designed, the charger remained trash.

There is glass in both the front and back and most importantly, it is designed with a stronger glass screen and waterproof design with a 12 MP camera that takes some sick photos. If you have the 7 Plus and your pictures are on point, the 8 PLUS is going to allow your photo skills to flourish. From the upgraded portrait mode with a depth map to the selection of portrait lighting, the photo game will be next level. The video is the highest-quality ever in a smartphone and the AR software is top of the line. All of these new features will have you feeling outdated with a 7. The glass backs allow for wireless charging…guess they solved that charger problem.

Wait…Nevermind all that. The iPhone X Anniversary Edition is the OG of all iPhones. The Face ID technology makes this phone like no other. The elite camera system scans your face to unlock the phone, even in the dark. The A11 Bionic Neural engine processes facial recognition learns your face with a complex software design. Girlfriends worldwide will be attempting to scan their BF’s faces while they sleep, but it won’t work. The edge to edge screen with a stainless steel edge makes for an amazing view and the home button is replaced with a simple upward swipe. The iPhone X has 2 hours more battery life than the 7 and it can also be charged wirelessly. Portrait Mode selfies are going to be all the rage and the filter game on this phone is epic. Hit Apple for all the specs and particulars. Some of these new devices will be available later this month. The iPhone X will be available on November 3.


Here, Apple. Just take all our money.

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